CashBack GearDown

GearDown Cashback was created to reward our loyal customers. For every buck spent, you'll receive Cashback that can be redeemed on future purchases to save money.

For every R$20 reais spent, receive R$2 in cashback that can only be used on products sold through the GearDown Simulations websites

Earning or saving Cashback means you can claim up to £20 off per purchase on any future purchase.

  • Instant Discounts – You can use your Cashback to earn money on all future GearDown Simulations products purchased online.
  • You can redeem your Cashback on your next purchase or save them (conditions apply).
  • Cashback is stored and redeemed online. There are no paper vouchers to collect or send or receive in currency and you can see how much Cashback you have at any time by logging into your account
  • Doing a product review, you earn Cashback
  • On your birthday you also get Cashback
  • Buying over R$120 reais, get R$10 in Cashback

Note: The Cashback GearDown has no value anywhere else, either on other sites or through traditional retailers.
GearDown Simulations reserves the right, in suspicious cases, misuse, bad faith attitudes, scams, sales of points and any other case analyzed individually to cancel values, ban user from the cashback program or ban user from the site without prior notice .

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